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Architecture Award 2016


Edge Design, a firm of architects and engineers who design and construct buildings, and other physical structures, ranging from Urban, Residential, Commercial and Apartments.

As architects and engineers we aim to design with in the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding landscape (such as town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture) to the micro level of architectural or construction details and, sometimes, furniture. Wider still, we are always interested in the design and development of all kind of system.

As a professional firm, we provide a range of architectural and engineering services from concept to completion. Services based on drawings, architectural structure, and/or research behavior of a building or any other kind of system that is to be or have been constructed.

Contemporary Award 2016


2015 - Helsinki Competition entry for the Guggenheim Museum

2010 - Corfu Competition entry for renovation of Theatre

2010 - Short Listed for a Logo Competition

2009 - Student Housing competition in athens.

2008 - Publication of an article on child care in architecture.

2008 - Publication of Zero Energy Residential House.

2007 - Presentation to Prime Minister of England (Gordon Brown), at an exhibition for sustainable zero energy design in architecture.

2006 - We were short listed for a competition, for the design of two London traffic island site.

Irene Tsitoura
Edge Design
architect 'MSc DipARCH BA'
member of technical chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG)

-Oxford Brookes University
Erwin George
Edge Design
London, UK

-University of Bath
-Oxford Brookes University

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